HTO Nebula FC Leader 50m

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Specifically designed for the modern lure angler, our Nebula FC line is made from 100% Fluorocarbon line imported from Japan. Fluorocarbon leaders are an essential part of modern lure fishing, adding a short length to a braided mainline can make the difference between catching and blanking. Refracting light similar to water, Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible under water, perfect for when lure fishing in crystal clear waters and when targeting wary fish.

Nebula FC has tightly compacted molecules compared to standard monofilament this makes the line harder, so it is more durable, perfect for fishing near snags and weedy areas. These tight molecules also reduce much of the stretch in the line, making it ultra-sensitive, but also heavier than mono, meaning it will sink three times quicker, taking the slack out of the line between the lure and the mainline. Perfect when fishing lures deep and for positive hook-ups.

Nebula FC is fully waterproof, it cannot absorb water which ensures it stays as strong at the start of the session right through to the end.

Key Features

  • 100% Fluorocarbon from Japan.
  • Refracts light like water making it virtually invisible in water.
  • Low stretch, sensitive, hard wearing, fast sinking leader material.

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