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With the use of UV and luminous attractors common place in fishing, this torch gives these attractors a massive boost. While luminous attractors such as Tronixpro Pop-Up Beads, Oval Beads, Muppets and luminous tubing will carry some illumination from natural light, giving them a boost can really make them stand out. This UV torch gives these attractors extra fuel to burn brighter for longer. Giving attractors a charge on each cast will ensure that they are burning bright for the duration they are in the water, instead of dying out half way through a cast. The UV Torch is also good for charging up some of the rod tips on our rods, including the Tronixpro Naga MX, which features a phosphorescent tip.

Key Features

  • An ultraviolet light designed to provide a quick and lasting charge to phosphorescent surfaces
  • Ultraviolet light will "supercharge" your luminous beads, lures, tubing and squid jigs
  • 14 long life LEDs and a tough aluminium body
  • Takes 3 x AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Perfect for using with UV fishing lures.

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